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 * UNFS3 file descriptor cache
 * (C) 2004, Pascal Schmidt
 * see file LICENSE for license details

#ifndef UNFS3_FD_CACHE_H
#define UNFS3_FD_CACHE_H

/* FD_READ and FD_WRITE are already defined on Win32 */
#define UNFS3_FD_READ  0                  /* fd for READ */
#define UNFS3_FD_WRITE 1                  /* fd for WRITE */

#define FD_CLOSE_VIRT 0       /* virtually close the fd */
#define FD_CLOSE_REAL 1       /* really close the fd */

/* statistics */
extern int fd_cache_readers;
extern int fd_cache_writers;

void fd_cache_init(void);

int fd_open(const char *path, nfs_fh3 fh, int kind, int allow_caching);
int fd_close(int fd, int kind, int really_close);
int fd_sync(nfs_fh3 nfh);
void fd_cache_purge(void);
void fd_cache_close_inactive(void);


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